Recode vs shrink?

how does nero recode 2 match up against dvd shrink?

The developer of dvdshrink has designed recode2 for Nero/Ahead. Recode cannot remove DVD’s CSS protection. Performance seems to be similar, although I cannot state that definitely as I usually use different tools to back up DVDs.

i thought the two programs looked similar. i hate the fact that you cant load image files into recode unless you mount the image to an image drive. i use all types of software for backing up dvds an i am looking for a flawless combination.

i hear a lot of people say anydvd->clonedvd2


dvd decrypter->dvdshrink->clonedvd2

i use

dvd decrypter->dvdshrink(deep analyze)->alcohol 120% to burn the image files. works okay but the quality is not all that good… aside from the cheap media.

from my experience… dvd2one sucks, intervideo dvd copy sucks, recode would be good if it allowed you to load image files, and alcohol would be perfect if you could make image files in different formats other than .mds.

I like Recode over Shrink. It seems to adjust for better quality on the main movie - keep in mind when I backup DVD’s I do a complete backup, titles/menus/extras etc to keep a complete disc together other than losing foreign language sound channels and subtitles which I don’t care about. The quality is certainly good enough for me and best of all I don’t burn a bunch of coasters (I seemed to have this problem with CloneDVD2 for some reason).

Over the weekend I got my hands on a friend’s copy of Lord Of The Rings III: Return of the King and I could not resist to make him a copy to show-off my burning capabilities. So, I ripped the disc using DVD Decrypter and therefore got two copies, one made with Nero Recode 2 and the other with CloneDVD2. As far as quality of picture is concerned, CloneDVD2 was superior. I haven’t tried DVD shrink, but I would take CloneDVD2 over Nero anyday.

to backup DVDs, i use DVD Region Free and Nero Recode.
Recode copies fine once the protections gone.