Recode v2276 fit 4.7 GB fault -- HELP


Someone knows haw to do as to obtain a correct size for the output?

I experienced difficulties of few MB trying to fit into a 4.7 GB also using personal setting – Nero stops burn for exeded data :sad: :sad:

I use allways 2 passes

this never happens if I use DVDShrink 3.2.15 and the output is always a perfect 4.35 that fit 4.7 DVD

I have noticed also that if I read a folder where DVDdecripter put only the main movie Recode is not able to find the data instead DVDShrink in reautor mode has no problem

Thanks in advance for suggestion and help

I am not sure I understand your question completely. To make sure your recoded dvd will fit on a regular dvd5 +/- R, Just choose dvd-5 in the fit to target area of nero recode. If you are trying to fit a few extra megabytes by choosing a cutom size ( not sure what benefit you 'll achieve) :rolleyes: you can choose a custom size, but you might need to enable OVERBURNING under the advanced options of nero for your drive. Please not that not all drives support this option, and even if they do the mileage will vary. Hope this helps.
Diana :smiley:

For some reason Nero RC everytime i have used it to compress a DVD9>DVD5 it never gives you the output size you wanted. Always a bit too much. Which is useless as i want it the exact size of a DVD5. So you cant burn it. Poor Application i say.

What is the latest version also. (i suspect its bundled into Nero 7.014b)

I have used recode since Nero 6, never had a any problems with size :rolleyes: . Attach pictures with your next post so that I am a little clear on the issue. Also the latest version of recode is

This is a well known problem with Nero Recode (all versions) when using the two-pass compression option
See the following thread

No solution by now


If you look under the options button of Nero Recode, the two pass option is under nero digital, which i thought applies only to the nero digital mp4 container and not the mpeg-2 transcoder. Am i wrong in my understanding or is the two pass option elsew :a here?

When you go to the next recode 2 window there is an advanced analysis checkbox which makes a reference to 2 pass encoding ?

Is that the latest recode if you have nero 7 ?

I have the latest nero 6 and am on ?

The one in Nero 7 is newer (

Is there much improvement with the new recode to the version i have ?

I dont really want to upgrade to nero7 just for recode ?

Thanks “an*999” , Seems like that’s the option for 2 pass encoding with the mpeg2 transcoder. I have it checked by default, and I have never had a problem with size. Also to answer your question , I think it would be a good idea to go ahead and download the latest update (apprx 100mb :a ) from ahead. Not because it would improve quality that much, but cuz it a bug fix release, so its worth it. my .02

if i upgrade and d/l nero 7 then can i just install recode (nero7) latest version and not nero7 burning rom as i really dont want to be a beta tester for ahead and am quite happy with Nero :bigsmile:

Umm, not sure. But i woudn’t think so, since “7” is a completely differnt package from “6”. But I think the latest update for “6” would also insatll the latest version of recode. Give it a shot and let us know :wink: .

I have the latest v6 nero update and recode is

I think ill wait on 7 for the mo