Recode V DVD Shrink

I posted this on the newbie forum but have had no replies. Hopefully someone here will have experience of both Recode and Shrink.

I have been using DVD Shrink for a while now and have found it to be fine.
I have just started to experiment using DVD Decrypter and Nero Recode.

Does any one have any views on which method is better as a way of backing up DVD movies ? Using Recode to Nero Digital seems premature at this stage as I would want to be able to view on existing stand alone DVD players.


I was a Shrink user but have switched to Recode with AnyDVD. Although they are rumoured to be created by the same person I found Recode faster and a little better quality. I still use Shrink to reauthor longer movies before using DVDRebuilder. Plus I needed it to backup Garfield for the kids - it appeared to have similar protection to RE2. So it is still a very handy program.

The person that developed shrink was hired by Nero to do development on recode2 (this information is per dvdshrink fourms). I just switched to recode myself as it is faster and the quality the same, plus I like all the little features

Now all they have to do is incorparate burning from ISO/MDF files and I will be happy

yes nero recode its the best i being using it for about 6 months and there is nothing better .

Does Recode perform a “Deep analysis” similar to Shrink?

Are the steps almost as easy to shrink your own movies?

Thanks, Fedorov.

Yes, it performs a DA. The steps are very similar if you are familiar with shrink. I have tested the same movie with both application and recode was much faster.
One difference I have noted: with shrink, you have AEC with 4 different settings (sharp, smooth, etc) In recode, you only have “second pass” which is equivalent, but you cannot select sharp or smooth.

Another one: I created NRG file with Nero, but Nero cannot burn it :confused: