Recode To SVCD With NeroVisioExpress2

Okay i am having a problem trying from the Nero Recode MP4 file to Svcd using NeroVision Express 2. I tried it with 2 movies and still got the same dialog saying “Unable To prepare data For Recording: Transcoding Of Videos Failed (Internal Error 1004).”. In the past, i always have been sucessful creating SVCD’s from other formats like DivX and i was wondering if it could be some kind of like protection becuz i also read the error log file and in the last line it says:

[17:39:29] NeroVision VCDEngine::MPEGConverter: estimating conversion time failed (GetSampleData(): The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn’t exist
[17:39:29] NeroVision (3))

Well if n e one is able to help me or has the same prob plz let me know

I dont believe NeroVision Express 2 suports Recode MP4 files.

I’m not aware of anything that does other than mp4UI that converts the mp4 file to AVI so you can then further convert. Havent tried it but reported to work. Home site is