Recode RMVB( Realplay) format to DVD

Is there any way that I can convert Realplay’s RMVB format to DVD( Mpeg). I can play the video clip with Realplayer but I would like to convert it to DVD so that I can play it with standalone DVD player.
Really Sad

i’m not very familiar with any of the Real formats myself, but you can try googling for “rmvb to dvd” (which turned up some hits when i tried it). i can’t vouch for how well any of the solutions work, but it’s a start.

WinAVI. PM me …

please keep discussion of solutions within the forum so that others can benefit from the knowledge.

I asked him to PM me for a direct dl link to WinAVI. I use WinAVI to convert my mpgs and rmvbs to DVD format. Fast.

I use Winavi but I keep getting the error message “unable to source data”. Do you know how I can fix it?

Yes. You must forswear your allegiance to Satan. RMVB is hellspawn, and must be purged from your system forever.