Recode questions

Hi I’ve just started playing with Recode and have a few questions.

I tried to recode Million Dollar Baby to Nero Digital format, custom size 2GB, and used the Cinema - AVC profile. I have two questions on this.

  1. I noticed that there are two profiles for each profile one with “-avc” and the other without, ex Cinema profile and Cinema - AVC. What exactly is the difference?
  2. When recoding the movie above after 8hrs of recoding it still was only about 80% done. Is this normal? I thought Nero was supposed to be fast?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to decide whether or not to start encoding my movies to Nero Digital Format or stick with XVID using AutoGK. I was hoping to do a comparison of Million Dollar Baby from XVID to Nero, but XVID only took 2hrs.