Recode not working ver 3110



I know this has already been posted but no answer was found or given, Why does recode keep crashing? I have a Pioneer 109 and a pioneer 108 and this new verison will not work at all! Is this a hardware issue? Or is Nero just messing up?


I recently formatted, and installed Nero Recode. Same thing as before happened with me. I click “Recode an entire DVD to DVD” and boom. “Nero Recode 2 encounted a problem and needs to blah blah blah”

A very shoddy program from Nero. :frowning:


I am in the same situation as you. I successfully burned Saw using Recode, then tried to burn it again and other movies and it crashes. I removed Ad-aware and Nero. I then reinstalled Nero and successfully burned Menace to Society, using Recode. Later, the same day I tried to burn the Notebook and Recode sends me a message saying the burn has failed. Maybe try removing Ad-aware if you have it. I doubt that’s the fix, but it won’t hurt to try. I wish Nero would get it together because Recode would be a great program if it worked correctly.


2 things to try. Completely remove nero, run the nero “clean” utility from Nero’s website to remove all traces of Nero products. Reboot & reinstall Nero. This worked for me.

or, try removing your serial from Nero and then re-entering it. Some say this worked for them.


The only thing to do is (only with the new version

add the SERIAL CODE called “Nero Digital Universal Plug-in” into NERO StartSmart.

Previously you must have installed on your system the Serial code called “Nero Ultra”

so at end the right passes are:

Install Nero Demo
Insert the “Nero Ultra” Key
Install NVE (it keeps the Nero ultra Key but it needs now The Nero Digital plug-in)
Insert the “Nero Digital Universal plug-in” Key

all work fine :iagree:

bye :wink:


So what you are saying is add or better yet BUY the nero dolby digital plugin for $17.99 and that takes care of the problem? If your making a back-up it’s already in Dolby Digital. Correct me if im wrong. If you get the pop-up window about Dolby Digital in the preview of the movie add the serial key. It only get rid of the pop-up window. If you check your copies they should be in dolby digital. Burn with out and then burn with the serial key. there is no change in the 5.1 sound track except if you opt not to burn that and use stero 2 chanel.

I feel Nero is selling that serial key to eliminate the pop-up window. Please someone correct me if i’m wrong. Nero will not answer me on this?



search for the file NeNDGui.dll and rename it to XNeNDGui.dll

C:\Programme\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\NeNDGui.dll


Hi mate,
I never say DOLBY digital. I say only Nero Digital that is a Nero codec system used in Nero Recode; absolutely no related to the Dolby audio encoder/decoder system. In previous versions of NVE the Nero Ultra Key was able to activate also the Nero Digital plug-in needed for Nero Recode. Now with new version, you need the “Nero digital” key (in addiction) or a OEM/BUNDLE Key included in most of DVD-burner boxes, that are able to activate all the plug-ins included in the Demo package :slight_smile:

The solution to change the name of the NeNDGUI.dll is related to the fact that this dll library is used to activate the basic Nero Digital functions. Change his name is equal to deactivate the plug-in (NERO doesn’t find it so Nero can’t activate it and the program start)

bye :bigsmile:


your proposal of entering the additional serial no. for Nero Digital in Nerovision seems to be the better solution