Recode - Nero 6 vs. Nero 7

I have been using recode to copy dvd’s is there a signigicant difference between Nero 6 and 7 as far as recode is concerned. If not is there a hands down better alternative to using recode?

I still use DVDshrink over recode.

yep, me too.
Recode constantly breaks my menus and sometimes creates a image which is too big.


is there a free version of ONES

NO, but it is cheap enough!!!
ONES will not shrink your movie, neither will dvd decrypter!!!

As I still use Nero 6 and not that much Recode I don’t know if there something meaningful there, but Recode 2 has dif releases in version 6 ( and 7 (

Nero 6 package 2 that includes Recode it is not updated since January, so maybe they did change something.