Recode makes DVD larger!

Hello all, I have been reading this forum for quite some time but in this case I had a question. I love Nero Recode as it makes the process of shrinking a DVD very simple.

I have a DVD home movie someone made for me. The size of the DVD is 3.8 GB. I open Nero Recode and attempt to cut out a portion of this disk making it smaller you would assume, however after cutting the piece out I find my DVD to be larger than the original and for the life of me I cannot figure out why Recode spits out a larger DVD than the source which actually has more content. Why is the smaller Recode version larger, if this makes sense.

Also I have set all Video Options to create the lowest quality DVD Recode can make. The irony is the source is better quality, has more content and is about 2 GB smaller than the scaled down version.

Hi ioniancat21 and welcome to CDFreaks,

I would say it is due to the way recode reencodes the dvd. it probably uses 32k gaps or something simular between vob titles which maybe the original does not. Make sure you have advanced analyisis checked on the last step that will help it meet the target size. Also you can manually change the target size by using custom to something smaller than 4.7 gig. which should help you reduce the size but will increase compression.

After saying all this if the title still burns fine on a dvd I would not worry about the total size being a little bigger.

what would do a better job doing this task and keeping the size smaller??

Hi ioniancat21,
Have you checked the audio mode ?
Otherwise , I can’t see better explanation than the one from Jamos .

I agree with Jamos.