Recode Main Movie to DVD

I tried a two pass encode for the first time with Recode I ended up with 4483 Mb of files instead of the normal 4459 Mb for a SL disk. When i tried to burn these files with NERO, they wouldn’t fit on a SL disk. Tried to overburn, but that failed. I had to run Recode again on the 4483 Mb and ended up with the right size.

First time this has happened to me and the first time I ran the “Advanced Analysis” two pass.

Any thoughts. Thanks for any replies!

I’ve had the same problem with Nero Recode before also. The problem with VBR 2 pass is its possible for the program to misjudge the amount of space required, so you end up over. IMO 2 passes makes no discernable difference to the quality.

Thanks. Interesting to know!

I just set it to custom size of 4459 Mb and that seems to work for me.

I use custom 4480 with one pass.

I get great quality with one pass as well

Thanks folks!

I was using dvd shrink with adv anaysis. So will I get better video quality when using recode with just one pass or two pass.

I think the one pass vs two pass is debatable.

I think it factors in more when more compression is needed. I have always used the dual pass, both in DVD Shrink and Recode 2. I don’t have any dual pass vs single pass comparisons since I’ve always done it the one way. I have heard plenty write in forums who have though and swear there is a difference. A friend of mine started using the two programs and always did the single pass. We talked about it once and he asked me what was the point of a dual pass. My answer was that it must be there for a reason or why would the guy carry it over to Recode 2. He then told me that sometimes he sees some pixels showing in movies. He said he then switched over to doing double passes and that he never had that issue anymore.

So whatever is your cup of tea I guess. I’m going to play it safe and stick to the double passes myself.