Recode looks for file that doesn't exist

I used DVDFab Platinum to save a bunch of movies to an external HD. Now I want to burn these movies to DVD using Recode (I’ve done this in the past with no problems).

I recently upgraded my Nero 6 with the upgrades on the Nero site. The Nero Recode version I am using is Version

When I try to burn a movie from the HD, Recode does its analysis, reaches the very end of the analysis (~99%), and comes up with this message:

Using Windows Explorer, I’ll go to the folder location of the DVD files and see that no such file exists.

My question is, why is it looking for a file that does not exist? I have tried this with different HD-saved movies, and Recode always tries to search for VTS_02_5.VOB.

Run the files through vobblanker. It will find it and put it back in. For some reason DVDFab omitted it, thinking maybe it wasn’t needed.