Recode High Def to DVD


I have a High Def Imax movie file on my Pc which i want to Put onto a DVD.
I dont want to lose any clarity so keeping the high bitrate would be good.

What program(s) could i use to achieve this.

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Any video editing/authoring software which supports hidef. For starters, ulead dvd movie factory 5, ulead studio 9, vegas movie studio, vegas 6, and a bunch of others.

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Pinnacle Mediasuite plus 10 offers this and lots more:) I recently just purchased this software and am very pleased with it.

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Here is how I have been doing it…(I did not write this)

  1. Edit transport stream using HDTVtoMPEG2 - saving edit as transport stream.

  2. Use NeroVision Express 3 straight to the DVD, no other step needed :slight_smile: Note: when selecting input files select “all files” - the transport stream file will not normally show due to file extension. This method also seems to encode the AC3 stream directly into the VOBs.

Download it here:

Why should this imax movie ever have something to do with “HDTV”?
I am not sure that the OP meant HDTV with “hi def” anyway.