Recode Freezes when "Import DVD"

The latest version of recode freezes when I click “import DVD” from my asus DVD-ROM. It works when I only use my burner and do the same thing. But I want to use two drives, one for source and one for the copy.

I had to use the uninstall tool from the ahead site to get rid of the latest version and go back to the old one.

I have not tried Nero 7 yet.

Try selecting the video folder on the DVD instead of the root. Sometimes Recode has trouble when selecting the root.

I have the same problem with Recode my ASUS DVD-E616P3 (all the time) and my SONY DVD RW DRU-800A (sometimes) freezing (not responding) when i try to import a DVD, at first i thought it was my DVD drive then i thought it was the DVD disc, but then i tried using CloneDVD2, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and they all seem to work fine without freezing, so it’s without doubt a problem with Recode and it doesn’t look like Ahead Software are going to do anything about it because they say there is no problem.
If anyone finds a fix for this problem please let us all know so we can start using Recode again.

Exactly the same problem for me too with my ASUS DVD-E616P3 (wish I’d read this thread before going out and buying it). Unfortunately I can’t provide a solution as yet, other than using a different program as suggested above. I mainly just wanted to write down exactly how bloody annoyed I am with Nero and Ahead. If I hear of or find a solution then I will post it here immediately

I have just purchase a “Plextor DVD-ROM PX-130A” drive and i have the same problem as with my “ASUS DVD-E616P3” so it seems that Nero Recde doesn’t like some DVD ROM drives.
I have contacted Ahead about the problem but they just say there’s no problem with Nero Recode even though the problem is there with other DVD ROM drives from different manufacturers.
Ahead just tell me to upgrade my firmware or get my drives checked but i have the latest firmware in all drives and i have also purchased a new DVD ROM to rule out the drive being the problem.
The only thing is this problem only shows up when i have AnyDVD installed on my system.

I am also using Recode and my Sony DDU1613 Dvd Rom works fine on the Import Dvd function. I also run AnyDvd (latest version) and Recode has no
problem with reading and importing my Backup discs or even my New Retail discs after AnyDvd has removed any copy protection. It could well be a Dvd Rom problem. But personally I prefer AnyDvd with CloneDvd 2 or Shrink, they’re
more stable but thats only my opinion.