Recode DVD backup to a specific region

I have been backing up movies successfully for years. I always use DVD Decrypter and most recently have been using Nero 7 (currently trying to update to 9 but it won’t install), or DVD Shrink and Ashampoo Burning Studio for shrinking and burning. Problem is, I now want to create Region 1 backups of my Region 2 DVDs because I stupidly managed to buy a Region 1 player that can be made region free. Does anyone know how I can decode a region 2 DVD and re-code to Region 1?


Your getting confused.

You have player regions and disc regions. Usually the player is locked to a region, as you know, and pressed disc can have your region code OR a region code of 0. A disc with a region code of 0 is region free and will play on any DVD player no matter what its region code is set to.

Any disc that you burn will usually be set to region 0 (or all regions) as there is no need to region lock the disc.

Uh-huh. Maybe I have a hardware problem then. All of my original Region 1 dvds will play on the player in question but the region 0 backups won’t. The player is a Sony DVP-FX810 portable player. Any ideas why the disk backups won’t play on it?

First of all we have to unederstand what you got.
You have region2 disk which would be PAL format and you have new Region1 player which is, if it is bought like that, North America-NTSC format.
Since you burned DVD it will be region free set during rip, but region 2 disc is PAL, North American player will not play that format, if it is stand alone player or portable. Computer player will be OK