Recode can't compress a DVD to a normal DVD+

Recode is unable to compress a DVD to a normal DVD+

it’s about King Kong Limited Edition 2.nd DVD

It just can compress it to about 4.6GB

Any hints how I can still copy it to a normal DVD+

Or with another program?

DVD +R (DVD5) only hold 4.7GB. Recode will compress your file to fit this size disk if you desire.
Are you trying to make one to one copies of King Kong? (uncompressed) This is a very big file…
If so you will need dual layer media (DVD9), and a dl capable burner.
There is a drop down box in the lower right corner of the introduction box of Recode, that allows you to select the media you want to write to. Make sure you haven’t inadvertantly checked custom, and chosen a file size slightly larger than DVD5 will allow.


If you mean that it can’t compress it down small enough to fit on a dvd5 - some films are like thjat. You have to do it twice. Change your size setting to one that recode will do (even if it is too big). Then after its done, run those compressed file thru recode again and it will take it on down that little bit to a dvd5 (remember to reset you size back to dvd5).

A handful of films need to be run thru twice on shrink and recode.

Never ran into that before goober, good to know…
There must be a limit to the amount of compression Recode or Shrink will apply?

Yes, I believe that’s it. Its been posted before as it does happen somethimes. I’ve had 3 discs I think do that. Running it through again works and only adds a few (1-5%) of compression.

when this happens I remove the unneeded soundtracks (ie: stereo and/or directors commetary) and/or I remove some special features (usually the movie previews)

It happens even if you do that. It’s rare but a very few movies won’t compress on the 1st shot no matter how much you remove (of course, for the life of me I can’t remember their titles) :doh: