Recode audio dv 32 khz to dvd 48 khz



I have a big audio problem when i have captured my DV camera film to HD (SONY DCR-100E).
I have tried Nero 6, Premier and also EVE from main concept.
I have recorded the audio in 32 Khz (12 bit setting in the camera ) and when the audio is recoded to 48 Khz (in MPEG-2 output) it sounds terrible. It’s a high pitch noise especially where the audio is a high pitch already. I haven’t been able to find any solutions and i have also tried a band pass filter but it will not cut it out. When i capture video where the audio is recorded in 16 bit = 48 Khz? i aperently do not have this issue.
Does anybody got a clue?:confused:


Use a good re-sampler like Goldwave. You can also try using BeSweet but you will need to demux the original file to video & audio files first.