Recode 2

It seems that the Nero 6 update containing Recode 2 (DVDShrink on steroids) has been released.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that currently there seem to be no links on the site to facilitate the download:confused:

Anyone who has succeeded might let me know as I’m anxious to check out the new features.



Is it that you’re looking for?

Thanks very much.:slight_smile:

They did finally open the ‘gates’ and I’ve downloaded it in the normal way. From what I can see, you can just install this ‘Vision Express’ part of the suite without needing to install the rest (I’m not a fan of Nero burning for DVDs).

Recode 2 looks like what it is - a superset of DVDShrink. You can transcode and save the files in a folder for burning with your software of choice. There’s no need to invoke Nero to do this for you.

So far (and ignoring its ability also to work with the Nero Digital CODEC, which doesn’t interest me) it looks good. But not good enough to wean me off CloneDVD though!:cool:


Well, I wouldn´t say so, first tests gave me a much better video quality on Lord of the Rings & Gladiator.
And it removes the layer break. :bigsmile:


In my first few recodes, it takes 3 times as long as Shrink to transcode


My quibble doesn’t lie with the quality, it lies with the dropping of titles. It’s all very well replacing the title with a screen saying that the title had been removed, but does that screen then have to play for the same duration as the removed feature? Thus, if you remove the ‘FBI Warning’, all you get is another screen that wastes just as much of your time; you might even prefer the warning, you have at least got something to read while you’re waiting!:stuck_out_tongue:

CloneDVD, on the other hand, does it the proper way. Deleting the title does just that and you never see it again. It’s the only transcoder to do this properly. IC8 also removes titlesets and you never see them again; you never see anything else on the DVD either if you attempt to access them. What a mess that program is.

You say that Recode 2 gave you better quality. Presumably, since you were replying to my note, you meant better than CloneDVD? Hmmm, I wonder… I wouldn’t want my life to depend on being able to pick which transcode was generated by CloneDVD and which was generated by Recode. Would you? :wink:


I take it then that there is no easy way in Recode 2 to do the movie only? I’ve just tried Pirates Of The Caribbean, removing the menus and extras. Now I get images where the menus were and find it hard to get the movie! Also, the quality was good, but seen better, looks a little blocky in places (used two pass). I always use IC8 for full discs.

“Reauthoring” like in Shrink can be done if you start Recode and choose the second option, don´t know the english name ´cause I use the german version, maybe “Create new DVD”?, there you can import any stream you want.
Yes, the replacement with a picture that lasts as long as the removed stream is not perfect, I must admit.
But that doesn´t affect me, I mostly do movie only - so Recode has the advantage of the better video quality and the layer break removal.


Thanks Jarod, thats more what I was thinking. However, I do agree with Peter. Pirates has some trailers before it which I tried removing. What I ended up with is two mins of a static image! Idealy here I should set the image to black which would then play for a second and move on the the next part of the DVD.

Originally posted by Peter McCall
You say that Recode 2 gave you better quality. Presumably, since you were replying to my note, you meant better than CloneDVD? Hmmm, I wonder… I wouldn’t want my life to depend on being able to pick which transcode was generated by CloneDVD and which was generated by Recode. Would you? :wink:

Yes, I meant it´s better than CloneDVD.
To say the truth, CloneDVD has, at least until now, the worst quality of all the transcoders out there.
If I do a full backup and want to remove some streams I´ll use it anyway, because of its easy handling and the ability to remove these streams completely.
But in all other cases I´ll use (from now on) Recode2 or DVD2One, just because their giving me better quality and they remove the layer break.
I hope the elby team will improve these things.
Like I said, I still like the program and the support of elby is great.


You have better eyes than mine, old boy!:slight_smile:

Don’t forget that you can always use Shrink/Recode to compress just the titles you want to keep (let the other titles take whatever compression they want, you’re going to drop them anyway). Then, pass these new files through CloneDVD, which will not do any more compression as they’re already the right size, but it will rebuild the IFOs and add some blank VOBs so that you get a new DVD which is structured the way you want, but has the extra(?) quality you claim to be able to see…


I think it depends more on the hardware-side to see differences.
I have a very good DVD-Player and also a very good TV, I think.
I can see even small differences but that´s not a big deal.
The bigger differences are the problem. :slight_smile:
That means the colors, dark scenes, fast scenes; and in these situations CloneDVD is behind his competitors.


Has anyone ever seen this mysterious “layer break”
after reencoding/transcoding? Just can’t imagine that…

Yep. My Sony NS310 suffers from layer break pause, and it is visible even on shrinked DVDRs.

Nobody needs to suffer layer-break problems. It’s trivially easy to remove them, even if the transcoder doesn’t do it for you.

I posted a quick guide some time ago. It’s probably still floating around if you do a search. Failing that, I’ll re-post the instructions. :slight_smile:


i tried recode 2 on PearlHarbor, and it looked damn fine on my pc. (2 passes).
Didn’t watch it on tv yet…but it looks promissing.

This is a very good reason to buy nero.

I know how to remove the layer break with IfoEdit, but why should I use it when all available Software (okay, except CloneDVD and Shrink - and of ´em is for free) will do this for me?
In my eyes it´s not a good way to “promote” a software to say “okay, it can´t be done with it, but you can do it yourself with a tool and a little explanation”…


Well, my comments about layer-breaks weren’t really for you, Jarod…

But in any case, some people don’t think you should do it. They believe you have a sporting chance of ending up with a non-standard DVD, one that won’t work properly. Armin (CloneDVD) is quite strict about staying within the specs.

Some people have DVD players that are affected by this bit and pause when they meet it. Others have no problems - or if they do, they don’t care.

Personally, I think it should be a switchable option. Then you can do what you like.

No one, least of all me, is ‘promoting’ one application over another. I was merely trying to be helpful.


Under the circumstance that my native language isn´t english I must live with the fact to be misunderstood from time to time. :slight_smile:
I didn´t want to sound rude and even if you were promoting, it should not be taken as an offense against you or CloneDVD or the elby-team.
You´re right, at least the option to choose “with or without removing a layer break” should be given, as in Recode 2, btw. :slight_smile:
But the highest priority, in my opinion, would be to improve the transcoding engine.
If you have a good equipment (DVD and TV/Beamer) you should try to transcode a long movie, or a movie with a very good quality (Monsters Inc., X-Men 2, Gladiator) with Clone and with Recode 2 and you will see the difference.
Of course it takes longer (20 minutes Clone to 60 minutes Recode) but it´s worth the wait.
I´m not talking about IC7/8 because I don´t want to wait 2-3 hours to process - and that wouldn´t be a fair comparison.


Hi Jarod,

How’s recode compared to DVDShrink with deep analysis on quality wise? I believe they are written by the same person.

I am currently using DVDShrink/CloneDVD to do the backup and CloneDVD is used as a second pass to drop unwanted titles and burn the DVD. I do not feel any layer break so far.