Recode 2 Playing Problems

Hello Everyone,

Everytime I encode with Recode 2, my DVD disc will freeze in my Panasonic player during the initial reading of the disc. I’m using a Plextor 716A with the very latest firmware and the latest Recode version which is I only use Princo 4X DVD-Rs or Ridata 4X DVD-R. I have never been able to make a perfect disc with Recode 2 even when I had my Sony DW-U14A.

I like to do a deep analysis followed by a two pass encoding process to obtain the best picture quality. I use Shrink but it has reached its limit as far as compression goes. I have a sharp eye for digital artifacts and when I do see them, I become very annoyed. :sad:

I have Windows XP Professional with SP2 and 40GB WD HDD and a Biostar motherboard which uses the NVIDIA chipset. I have 512 DDR ram of which 34MB is taken for video.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help you can supply.


This seems a media problem, so try another brand. Princo discs are not the very best. Most suggested are Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim.

Try to post a scan of your problematic disc.

Thanks for the quick reply geno888.

I don’t know how to go about scanning the disc. What program am I going to use to do this?


Many users on the forum uses Nero CD-DVD Speed.
For liteon/sony burners is possible use also kprobe (do a search on the forum). I personally prefer dvd-speed, because in my opionion is more user-friendly.

:cop: REMEMBER: kprobe can be used only with lite-on burners (don’t know if your burner is a rebadged liteon; try to do a search on the forum).

This software do not require installation: only launch it. On the main interface select “disc quality” tab and select 4x speed (the forum standard for liteon/sony burners to compare scans).

It require about 12-15 min to complete. After complete, appear a little window with summary. Close it and then click on the icon with a little disc on upper right corner. This open a dialog box: select to output file in .png format. This save an image of your scan.

Finally, post the .png image

Okay, when I click on start I receive the following error message: “Error initializing test.” However, I did get to do a scan under the
scanDisc tab and the results were good with no errors. Everyting was in green block. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t allow me to save the file. There was another error about saving the file.

What do you think?

which drive do you use to scan? Some driver don’t support this function

I’m using the only drive that I have: Plextor 719A with the latest firmware.

Sorry, I meant to say 716A

Then cd-dvd speed is incompatible. You should use plextools to do a scan.

Sorry, but I haven’t a plextor drive, so don’t know how help you with plextools. Try to do a search on the forum

Okay, let’s see what happens. Thanks for your help just the same.

I think I’ll try the free DVD+R I got with my drive and set the book type to “DVD-ROM.” Who knows.


Setting the booktype to ROM surely improve compatibility with standalone players.

The best suggestion, however, is to avoid princo discs.

I think I’ll try my luck with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. If I don’t experiment, I won’t get anywhere.

Take it easy.

Take a look at this thread

There are many useful informations

Thanks! I’ll investigate a.s.a.p.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: