Recode 2 error

Hello, I just downloaded the lastest version of nero, and I’m trying to do a back up using recode 2. As far as I get is to the import DVD and I click, ok, then this message comes up… " Nero Recode 2 encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read from the file VTS_01_0.IFO. The parameter is incorrect. " I’ve clicked on import main video and it imported it fine. I clicked on the audio part and this is where the error comes up. Any help with this would be great. Thanks


i got the same error message when i start recode in combination with any dvd immediately after trying to import the main movie . it seams to be a bug in nero because the older version of nero works perfect.

you can copy the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD with the windows explorer on your hard disk (any dvd has to be enabled) and then start recode - no error message anymore.

i hope ahead will fix this soon.

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That will probably work, hopefully if it is a bug they fix it soon. I really like the simplicity of recode, not to mention I spent money on it LOL I’ve downloaded DVD Shrink but haven’t used it yet. Other people who have had this problem are saying with DVD Shrink the same movie back up’s just fine. Thanks for your help

It seems like you need to select the video_ts folder rather than the disk in the lastest release of recode. I switched back, it took way too long and the image files it created were junk and would not even burn to dvd.

Same problem with me… the image file don’t work…

Thank you for this thread. I was tearing my hair out (thankfully not my PC!) trying to get it to work again.
The answer is to select the folder, not the Disc! What happens if theres DVD Audio as well???