RECODE 2 - Audio not in sync with video



RECODE 2 - Audio not in sync with video

The audio is 2-3 seconds behind the video frames in an mp4 movie generated using the Nero Recode I have re-installed the program few times and have removed many other video/codec related programs from my hard drive without any luck. Is anyone having the same problem?

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All the time, recode has a pretty serious problem. You need to use GordianKnot to fix.

I got tired of this an switched back to divx.


Yes there were unfortunate sync problems with some NTSC sources, which have now been fixed for the next update.
I’ll ask if I can attach filters here already which should fix the problem.


Still having the same problem post-update. Audio is still out of sync by a second or two.

P.S. Running version…


Might try ConvertXtoDVD by VSO.