Recode 2 and AOpen 1648 probs



Recode locks up pc when using an AOpen 1648 AAP/Pro .

Have the latest firmware and software version.

Problem does not occur with any other Nero program or any other software, nor does it happen when using another drive. It is directly related to Recode and the drive when encoding a copy protected disc.

Anyone else that can confirm this?

Help, ideas?


Me too same prob locks up at import DVD

just played around for the whole day trying to fix it but could not fix !


Nero Recode will not recode a copy protected disc. You need to remove the copy protection first.

AnyDVD is a highly regarded program and there is a 21 day trial period (unlimited use during the trial).


I did remove still not working
I tried Anydvd still not working

Works well with the LG dvd Burner no issues

Is anybody with an AOpen 1648 AAP/Pro currently using recode
and what firmware are you using ?

Thanks in advance