Recode Advanced Analysis going oversize!



Recoded a movie with Recode (the one that ships with NVE with Advanced Analysis checked and target size went oversize (for 4.7G disk) by a few hundred mb, not to mention the xtra time it took.
Recoded the same movie without Advanced Analysis and target size was fine.
I might add that the DVD only required mild compression (it was 91.5%).
This was a problem with an earlier version of recode even without Advanced Analysis checked!


I’ve also had this problem (as well as a while back, too). You just have to manually set the compilation size using the ‘custom’ value. You can also let the program run a second time, but you have to delete the moive that recode generated. without exiting recode select the option to burn the same movie again, this will lessen the amount of time since recode already completed the ‘advanced analysis’ process.


So your saying that if you custom select 4.7G it’s OK?
I knew that doing a 2nd run usually fixed the oversize problem but hey, you’d think this problem would have been fixed once and for all by now.
Never had this prob with Shrink!


I had a similar problem while burning a Nero ISO (nrg). It was over size by only about 20 meg though. I was using Recode v.