Recode failed import DVD VR made by Liteon LVW-5005

I am trying to import DVD created by my DVD recorder Liteon LVW-5005. But I keep getting error right in the beginning of the import. I have read many threads on this. Some suggested renaming/deleting some DLL files, but none worked for me so far. According to the Liteon’s log for Recode, a bug fix seems to be meant for this:
“A DVD recorded with a CE DVD recorder was not importable in some situations”

But obviously it did not work for me (I’ve tried both and Does any one have any idea on how to fix this? I am using DVD Shrink in the mean time, but it’s a lot slower. btw, the import works with other DVD’s that’s not made by the DVD records.

Also, for some reason, with DVD VR created by my Liteon 5005, when I recorded only 1 show, I will see Title 1 and Title 3 listed in Recode, while both will point to the same video. Any one knows why?

This is a common problem with Liteons. I use an older version of Recode (pre-dual layer version) and this works fine. I have had no luck with later versions.

You are also right about titles being shown twice. I think this is because Liteon’s use DVD-VR format rather than DVD-Video format (which is not quite 100% compatible), and this confuses Recode. Once you get used to it, this is no big deal though.

Yeah, I ended up revering back to older version of Nero (6.3) and Recode too. But I was hoping someone can tell me if I can use the newer version.

I did a couple of copies of regular DVDs (not DVD VR) using Nero 6.6 and the new recode, but burn quality does not seem to come out as good. Does any one have any experience on the qualify of burn from Nero 6.6 compare to 6.3?

Title appearing twice didn’t really bother me so much, but I’m just curious why. Thanks Oilman for the answers.

Hi Tigrjuju - just loaded latest Nero updates - no luck. They just will not read liteon disks now (they start to analyse files and the bomb out on “internal error” every time.

So I still use the last version before dual layer versions came out and have no problems. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Sigh… this is one of those time the “ain’t broke” theory will just have to do. I was hoping to get the latest (though doesn’t seem to be the greatest… yet).

I have no problems with Liteon recordings.

Use DVDdecryptor in IFO mode - not file mode which is the default setting.

You will then see the PGC of the disc, select the PGC you want and deselect any chapters within the title if you want. Press the decrypt button. DVDd will now rip to your selected pc folder, another benefit of this is that you only bring in 2.1gb of a full disc instead of 4.2gb.

The ripped file can then be edited using Nero VE or Shrink or any other video editing prog. Personally I prefer to use MpegVideoWizard from Womble as it is frame accurate, very fast and smooth and so easy to use.

I’ve seen no quality difference between Nero with NVE, which I currently use and older versions.