Reckless: Sony u18-->832S FW...enjoying it so far (but no Dl media yet)

I bought a Sony DW-U18a on Saturday. I had until the end of Sunday to exchange it at the computer show I went to.

So, in 1 day I went from discovering the great news (it’s a 812S!) to becoming more ambitious (it may even do DL later!). Therefore, I decided to put the 812S@832S FW in from the get go. No regrets so far, I kept it.

I am wondering if I am really missing something by not using the latest 812S FW…in other words, it may have improvements that the current 832S still doesn’t have. Since I can’t get DL media to try this “distant” possibility, I may be better off stepping back for a while.

Comments will be appreciated. I am compiling a few Kprobe scans to show what I have found out so far.

If it works well, then stick with it and don’t bother.

I’ve found that with certain media, the write strategies have been so refined already that the differences between firmware revisions are really small and insignificant.

Precisely my feelings, but “feel” and “know” are not the same.

Oh, also…terrific job you are doing!

Thank you.