Recieving an Error When Backing Up DVD



I just unzipped the DVDShrink File. When I put in a movie from a movie store to copy it I hit the BackUp Button. It almost completes backing up the movie when I get an error and it wont/cant complete the back up. Anyone know how or why this is doing this?


What version of DVDSHRINK are you using? What movie are you trying to make a personal copy of? You may need to run ANYDVD or DVD43 in the background for some movies.


A little more detail about the error would be helpful. Also the name of the movie & how you intend to burn it to DVD.

Hopefully this is not at rental but one you’ve bought.


My BF closed the error box already so i am not sure what the error was. I am trying to copy Madagascar, I have rented it. Is this bad??? I am using DVD Shrink32. I just downloaded DVDFab Decrypter and I am trying to see if that will work. Should I try the ANYDVD??


Yes. it is bad, you are not allowed to do that as it is breach of copyrite, which means no one here will help you.

You will have to read the rules.


This depends on the law in your country, in some countries it’s illegal to copy rented movies and in some not. may help you to find out if it’s legit or not (of course, only if you live in Europe)


ummm yeah… but isnt that only China?


no, here in in Austria for example it’s legit, you are just not allowed to circumvernt copyprotections. On the other hand, you are allowed to own tools like AnyDVD.


it absolutely doesn’t matter what country you are from. this board is international and thusly has its own rules that state that these topics are not allowed.

i don’t care if it’s legal in your country, it is not legal on the cdfreaks forum.

if you’d like to discuss these activities you should do so on a forum that is based in and frequented solely by citizens of the countries in which these activities are legal.

(@H3rB3i, i don’t mean the above towards you and I’m sure you’re well aware of the rules here as a moderator! I also didn’t mean the above to come off as combative…It’s just meant as information for those that like to post about questionable things and when warned, go off on the “it’s legal here” defense…)


Surely it’s down to a moderator to state what’s legal here & what’s not.

If you think it’s illegal then surely you should reported it as a bad post.

Numerous members here have been politely warned about warning posters for cross posting. We’ve been advised to report the post & leave it to a moderator.


@reasosnotrules, if you would have read my answer to RobynJs question more carefully, then you would have noticed that i was referring to this question.

I am trying to copy Madagascar, I have rented it. Is this bad???

And this is a simple question with a clear answer from me. I was not saying that it’s conform to our rules and not that it’s against them. (maybe a mistake)

And even if it is allowed to copy rented movies in your country, then of course, it’s not always legit when tools like AnyDVD are used to circumvent the protection of movies, but this is even the same for movies you regulary own (I bet also in your country).

@all, keep this in mind