Recertified PC Power & Cooling Silencer 500W $30



Directron has the recertified PC Power & Cooling Silencer 500W EPS12V power supply PPCS500-B, Active PFC, 80 Plus for $22.99 + $6.73 to ship. It looks like the older design with the 80mm fan like the original 750Watt Silencers. I have 2 of those and they are quite nice. Seemed like a pretty good price and I thought
I would pass it on.



Yo budzos-

GREAT find bra-

I got two-

Thanks for the heads up-eh!


So did I. Very nice price and Directron is a very reputable merchant.



This is a genuinely good deal - Power & Cooling wants $75 shipped vs Directron’s $30 shipped for the [B][I]EXACT[/I][/B] same unit!!


Quite a while back I picked up one of my 750 Silencers there for $39.99. I wish that deal would come back. They wanted $74.99 at Newegg for the same refurb which was almost funny.


Had to stop by here and say a BIG thank you, budzos :clap::clap:

Based on your reco(and Mike’s :flower:), I grabbed one for a spare. Just had one of my machines start misbehavin’ w/ hard drive slow-downs and random glitchiness. Popped this bad boy in, and made this machine purr like it never has. This is one classy PS. Not exaggerating when they call it silent, either. Better believe I’ve ordered two more :bigsmile:.



Its a good thing you bought those when you did. They are now out of stock. I also picked up a couple of backups. Very nice power supplies.