Recently record playback?



ok i just record 2 dvd, one i ripped off another dvd and one i downloaded. Bout of them are dvd-r media. the ritek 4x ones. burned both with clonedvd2 wit all regions avil. Im able to play both perfect on my standalone dvd player. But it slow as a motha on the nec drive in my machine. The drive reads regular dvd fines. IS my burn messed up or maybe the drive or wat. I got a nec2500 running herrie 1.7b7 firnware. Any1 else have this problem or is my burn just fucked up


Profanity is not allowed on the forums. :cop:
Some 2500s have poor reading abilities.
Others have been having issues burning Ritek G04.
Load Herries new 107v2b4 firmware.
It uses a more compatible write strategy on Ritek G04 discs.
Get it here: