Recently purchased I/O magic external burner that doesn't burn, Need help

[qanda]This thread is about the I/O Magic External 16X DVD±RW/±R (IDVD16DDME/BE). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]

[B]Recently purchased I/O magic external burner that doesn’t burn, Need help [/B]

That’s nice. Don’t keep us guessing. Please, tell us more. Did it ever work? What software have you tried to burn with? does it read? what have you tried to help solve your problem? what computer and operating system do you use?

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I/O Magic doesn’t manufacture any CD/DVD Optical Drives. Your I/O Magic External 16X USB 2.0 Dual DVD Rewritable Drive is a ReBadged Drive manufactured by some Optical Drive Manufacture. Suggest closely inspecting any Labels and/or Stickers on the device and/or Box and provide that information so that Forum Member might be able to definitively identify the actual Manufacture and Model Number of your Optical Drive.

For troubleshooting suggest installing the ImgBurn ( software program. After installing the ImgBurn ( software program Burn a Disk. After burning the Disk with the ImgBurn ( software program then post the ImgBurn Log File.