Recently purchased 3500?

Hey I recently (for X-mas) purchased a 3500, and as many of you didn’t realize that the 3520 was due to come out. Do you guys think it is worth the trouble to try to switch it for the 3520.

The 3520 will have support for DVD-R DL, but of course who cares because no one is going to buy media until it’s at least down to $1-2 a piece. But my question is: will DVD-R DL be significantly cheaper than DVD+R DL ? will -R DL be significantly more compatible? I thought i remember hearing something, but considering how regular DVD+/-Rs are basically identical in price this seems inplausible. Plus, the 3500 seems to have a much larger base of owners, and hence the market has a much larger demand for +R DL which should get manufacturers to make much more +R DL.

Yes, the RW speed is better, but it’s not that big a deal, because i wouldn’t be RW, I’m mostly interested in burning things permanently.

So should i save myself the hassle and keep ~$20 is shipping and handling or should i try to exchange it for the 3520? I’m sure I’m not the only one debating this-- damn NEC and they’re putting something out so late just to cause me headaches. I realize that no one can really know the answers to some of these questions but if you have insight please share

first off, like you said DL- isn’t anything right now. Second if DL- becomes big and main stream I think NEC will release firmware for the 3500 that will support it. If they don’t I know someone will have some modified firmware that will.

I would keep the 3500 personally

I’d keep the 3500!

Not many people are burning +R DL due to cost of media and even fewer have -R DL drives. I’ve not see any -R DL media or the faster +/-RW media available yet so why buy a drive and have to wait for the media to appear to use on it?

Seeing as you don’t want to use the faster RW and -R DL media is not available yet, then the 3500 will suit your needs as there is +R DL media already available, if you can afford it. So I’d personally stick with the 3500, and if you do want to burn DL media then use the Verbatim 4x +R DL as they seem the most compatible.

As for compatibility of -R DL media I would think it’s in the same boat as +R DL and will need to be bitset to DVD-ROM for the majority of DVD players to recognise it.

The NEC 3520 is awfull at the moment, hopefully it will improve over time, if its any help, my NEC 3500 came today (ordered 2 days ago), but I could have got a NEC 3520 for less.

Ben :slight_smile: