Recently bought 3540A, having lots of DVD-R reading problems

Hi, like the post says, I recently bought the 3540A drive based on the review here. I bought this drive to replace my Toshiba SDR-5002, which I’ve had for a long time and have done a couple hundred DVD-R burns on. All of these discs have been recorded with Ritek G03’s and G04’s, using primarily PrimoDVD or Stomp RecordMax, with the disc closed and data verification on (on the rare event that it happened, I never kept a disc where data verification failed).

The problem is that while every single disc I have can still be read flawlessly on my Toshiba, my new 3540A drive has been having many problems being able to read these. On many of my older discs I encounter CRC errors, where the Toshiba runs into no problems at all.

More recently, I’ve run a test where I burned a DVD-R with an .AVI filling the disc (using Ritek G04’s) using the Toshiba drive a couple weeks ago, then burned the same .AVI using the NEC. While copying the actual file works, when I playback these discs off the drive, I’m finding one scene in particular where the NEC drive causes the movie to stutter, but in the Toshiba it plays without a problem. This occurs with BOTH DISCS, the one burned on the Toshiba, and the one burned on the NEC itself.

After running the Nero CD/DVD speed test, I’m finding that the burn quality is apparently much better on the NEC drive (I can post the results if you want), however the fact that the NEC can’t read my old DVD-R’s accurately and that it stutters on playback of a movie I burned with the drive itself has me concerned. I won’t be able to use the Toshiba forever, I’m wondering if you have any suggestions as to what I should do. I’ve thought of updating the firmware (it only has 1.01 right now), but I was unclear as to which version I should use as I’m not familiar with a lot of the issues or terminology that various firmware version address.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Athlon 64 3400+
ECS 755-A2
Windows XP Pro
NEC 3540A as master on secondary channel
Toshiba SDR-5002 as a slave on secondary channel
DMA enabled on both drives

Let me know if you need any more information

Well since I can’t seem to find an answer to this problem, does anyone have any drive recommendations in terms of reading compatibility?

I have no idea what may cause your issues with the newly burnt discs, unless you drive is in multiwords DMA (you only mention “DMA” in your post) though it should be in UDMA 2.

For your old discs, it’s probably that these are of questionable burn quality and the Toshiba would be less picky about it.

If your goal is a better reader, go for a LiteOn 1693S…

Yup if you want a much better reader, you can’t bear LiteOn 1693S…I have both NEC 3540A and LiteOn 1693S and LiteOn is much better reader overall.

As it were told before, it could be bad quality burned media which you want to read with the NEC which are still picky readers.

Nah, Every burn I did with my nec couldnt be read back on the drive, I think NEC can be good or bad, I have to get a new one (The BenQ one) coz my NEC has literally burnt backups that dont work, so technically because of it, I’ve lost lots of stuff since my last format, It can be recovered, but still I’m real angry at NEC, No firmware updates worked either, I actually posted the other day asking for advice here which I appreciate very much, I’m ordering my BenQ today :slight_smile:

Nick :wink: