Recent Verbatim T03 from SVP

Anyone ordered these discs recently, if so what batch number did you receive?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

From a larger svp order i also got 2x25 Verb T03 today. Batch TH000020 :slight_smile:

How they burning for you? Im thinking of ordering 8x25, £39.87 shipped is too good to pass up.

Can’t tell untill tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep now :slight_smile:

NP ive checked the big T03 thread from earlier, im gonna order now.

Not sure why the 111D always has this jump in jitter on T03. Otherwise i don’t complain. Good discs at a fair price… I bought some spindles of the unbranded printable TYG03 and the PIE look deadly low (on my 3x 111D), jitter is good, a little higher PIF max (not total) than my usual preferred discs… :slight_smile:

It’s your specific 111 drive that has this problem. One of my 111 drives has a huge jitter jump problem like this and the other one has only a very small jitter jump. The drive with the really bad jitter jump only shows this behaviour for 12x P-CAV and 16x CAV burns (DVD media) and for 32x burns and faster for CD-R media, while 12x Z-CLV and 8x P-CAV for DVD burns and 24x P-CAV for CD-R burns don’t have this jitter jump.

I suggest burning at 8x and see if the jitter jump disappears.

Thanks, i think you’re right :slight_smile: I hadn’t thought of the connection to write speeds. I’ll keep the 111 at 8x :slight_smile: