Recent iTunes changes appear to indicate a video iPod coming

I just posted the article Recent iTunes changes appear to indicate a video iPod coming.

 During  the past few months, Apple has made several changes to its iTunes software  including the introduction of Podcasts, music videos and movie  trailers.  The Podcast or 'Radio reborn'...
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ill stick to my PSP and memmory stick to watch movies. Ill leave my ipod for just music. I think adding video on a 1 inch screen is a joke. IF it happens, Apple is smoking crack

A video-capable iPod would probably need to be bigger than the current audio model to have a screen you could see anything on. Kind of defeats the purpose of an iPod. Portable DVD players are cheap nowdays, so what’s the point? Now, if Apple would make a portable DVD player with a 20GB HDD and MPEG4 support, that’d be quite an item. Battery life would suck, tho.

… Archos, iRiver amongst others produce portable devices capable(sp?) of MPEG4 play back. Peace K.