Recent Busts

Let me start off by apologizing if this question has been answered a million times…but I’m just curious, what has brought on all these recent busts? Did something happen or did some new service nark? Secondly, are the customers of these dealers at risk?

Well as I know, if the busted dealer has a database with all the adresses and the value that you has bought that’s very :frowning:
Cause the BSA or something will look at the database and if you have for an example ordered cd’z for 1000,= then you got busted too :slight_smile: Then will think that you are an dealer 2.


I think it all started with FunSoft. This guy kept adresses of all his customer/coleague dealers and when he was busted, the Caribean Crew disappeared as well (he’s back now, though). And now I heard via ICQ that they were at Speedy’s as well.

this one is also caught last week:

more will soon follow trust me…lots of dealers are quiting now…the best thing to do, or go underground !