Recent 1620 buyers - any QC problems?

I’m the proud owner of 2 -1620’s. I purchased the 2nd one as a backup in case the 1st died (running strong for 4 months now). The latest special at Newegg has me tempted to grab another since I love this drive sooooo much :bow: . However, I was wondering if the recently produced drives have the “QC” issues reported with the earlier drives (like my wonderful Oct. 04 Malaysia drives).

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Aren’t there any NEW 1620 owners out there? If so, how are your newer (manufactured in 2005) drives treating you? I got my finger on my trigger (mouse) and am ready to shoot. :slight_smile:

Can’t answer your question since my 1620s are both from 2004, but I’ve got to say this. No matter how much you like the drive, three of the same is too much unless you are going to give some away, very soon. What are you going to do, keep two spares?

Don’t buy something because it’s cheap. If you must spend money on another drive, get a different brand, it’s more interesting. LG GSA-4163B is just as fast as DW1620 with 16x media (11% faster RPMs, so you get 16x P-CAV writing curves) and burns them equally well or even better. Take a look, wouldn’t you like to play with this beast?

The sad fact is, the wonderful DW1620 is almost obsolete, and its production very likely has already ended. You will be able to buy DW1640 in a matter of days (they must be sitting in containers in Long Beach by now). It’s a newer design with supposedly better cooling and a smaller, shorter drive. Looking at European prices of 1620 vs. 1640, it’s not likely to be expensive here either, from the very start. Since I have a feeling you’ll want a 1640 as well, buying a third 1620 makes little sense now.


My latest drive is a 1620 - manufactured in October 2004 - Made in China - so far I have not been impressed with its performance - except the read/rip speed with the MCSE hack - but the scans leave something to be desired - waiting for it to burn in before making any final decisions - but at this point - my NEC 3500’s are very obviously superior IMO-



Thanks for the much needed slap in the face. :o I had a feeling the 1620 would be faced out soon with the low prices and “end of month” sale going on. I’ll wait on the 1640 to come out so I can buy 3 of those (just kidding) :slight_smile:

My 1620 is a few weeks old and made in December. It is actually older than Mike’s and he got an October date of manufacturer. It periodically hangs at the end of a burn and won’t open, necessitating a reboot. It only excels in burning MCC 003 and older Ritek R03, but Mike has not had the same luck as I with MCC. It is a cute toy but I would not buy another BenQ. I got sucked in by a sale price and one of our prankster posters who edited a scan for April fools. At least I am only out $50. After I run out of old R03 and MCC 003 it will just collect dust or go out to Ebay or be used for scans if the Liteon fails.

Got my 2nd 1620 2 weeks ago after the 1st one died after 3 months service (burnt 50 dvd’s). New one is Dec 04 made in Malaysia and I’m very disappointed with unimpressive scans. Tried different media but quality control on these drives is so poor that I won’t be buying another Benq. Luckily, I bought it at a local store who will exchange it again for a different make (might try NEC).

Yo Xtinguish-

You are lucky that you got it at a store that will take it back-

I got mine at Newegg - and they pointedly state that it is will only be replaced by a similar make/model-

Oh well - atleast it is a good reader/ripper-


I just bought a 1620 drive from Newegg (received it yesterday) and it’s a Oct '04 made in Malaysia … So far I have only used it to quality scan some burns I made with my trusty NEC 3500. Funny thing is the quality scans show a much worse burn than the same disc scanned on my Litey 832 and 1693.

Plus, for the first hour or so I was using it, the thing smelled like when a bug lands on my halogen lamp in the corner.

I never cease to be amazed at the different views expressed. I cringe at the thought of using a Litoen or an NEC. I guess quality control with most DVD writer manufacturers is just not good enough and those that are not impressed with BenQ have been just as unlucky as I have with NEC and Liteon.

My 1620 is great. Only have had it for less than a week from Newegg. However my TYG02 -R burns at 16x have been 97-98. Not bad for a burner that is supposed to burn +R’s better than -R’s. Haven’t upgraded to new Fw because want to test current FW first. But at this time, my drive is great!!!

My 1620 is Dec 2004 Made in China and is great. Great quality burns, even on cheap CMC media.

FTI I have found that the B7V9 was much better on G02s at 8X.

Same here

I bought mine at CC branded I/O Magic in January. It has done well over 400Qscan (full TE/FE tests) and over 100 burns. Still works great. Since the speed patch was installed I use it for my primary ripper too.

Sapa, Chas,

I a relatively new member, but attached is a QS for DVD-R Fuji rebadged TYG02
burned with FW G7Z9. I don’t know what the burn speed was (system recovery disk burned by my hp), but don’t think that FW B7V9 would give me a better burn. I’m sure I’ll eventully change to B7V9, but based on the media tests I’ve done so far, my OEM BenQ pro is awesome and I don’t want to fix what’s not broken. Especially with the mixed reviews I’ve seen from others when the upgraded their fW on their new burners.

Also look at the QS score of 98. This was a 16X burn (3rd burn on my 1620 pro). page 46.

$*@#! I know there is a better way to point to post…

Bob_G, if you are happy with your current firmware and burns great on TYG02, my only comment is don’t change anything. :slight_smile:

As a member of the “lucky 1620 owners club”, I feel obligated to post my case. I bought one from Newegg. I forgot the exact month but I guess it was made in China, December 04 product.

Burned ~10 discs/day for a month to replace my old stock of data DVDs. Now I burned close to 400 DVDs. It still works great and I see no sign of quality drop. In fact, I feel that the scan is better for recent burns.

I mostly used excellent media, (value line) TYG01, (branded) TYG02, MCC003, TY T02 etc. So I can’t be sure of its ability of handling low quality media. But my short experience with other media such as Ritek G04, CMC R01, CMC E01, RicohjpnR01, etc, suggests that 1620 handles them pretty well.

So… if you’re lucky, you’ll receive the best DVD writer in the world. The question is… Are you ready to take the risk? :slight_smile:

I’ve only had my 1620 (Bulk model reflashed to Pro) for maybe 3 months and have made maybe 100-130 burns with it.

I can’t really say that its a bad drive or a great drive as there seems to be a wide discrepancy out there in terms of media quality and I’ve only used at best, some of the midding variety.

But it does what it says it does and hasn’t given me any real problems. knock on wood knock knock bang on wood :smiley:

In terms of reliability I wonder if alot of people had exotic, buggy or damaging system configurations which lead to the early demise of certain brands of hardware. i.e. bad installation practices, voltage irreguarities on certain motherboards, spikes or imbalances with their PSUs or just plain dirty current at their location.

I dunno. What are the odds of getting two faulty units from two different distributors with different shipments? It just seems odd to me. Or who knows, maybe its just bad synchronicity.

hi my 1620 is a dec 2004 China and never had a glitch let…