Receiving my 1625 Lightscribe friday...what should I do first?



Finally decided for the 1625 dvd drive and would like to know what download first or any special thing I should know about.


Yeah make sure you upgrade the firmware to the latest version also try Ala’s Mediacode Speededit on the firmware before you flash it .

Look here for MCSE


"Receiving my 1625 Lightscribe friday…what should I do first? "

Don’t know about you but I’d unpack it :slight_smile:


LOL good advice!


Actually, before doing what Matt said, I’d get Nero DVD speed and burn a couple of data disks on different media at different speeds (at least some on good quality - TY, MCC, others) then do surface scans and quality tests to get a baseline and be sure your drive is working properly. Then get into enhancing performance w/ upgrading firmware and other stuff.


I will read that :
See that if you want Nero to do LightScribe on CD, there’s no problem… but DVD LS (LightScribe) is more complicated : you will need a “LightScribe Host Software Updates” (if I understand well)… till the next Nero release.

And I will update my firmware before testing (better for quality).

PS : and remember, Monica Bellucci takes 2 x “c” LOL !



>>New Nero 6 Ultra Edition Update now supports LightScribe and Dual-Layer
for DVD-R << CD or DVD


I know that, but there was a problem with Verbatim DVD LS in and maybe in (not sure). Read the hardwarezone post I mention.


I would buy some good media! :stuck_out_tongue:


All the dvd LS issues are with the lightscribe host driver. Here is what to do with new drive…

  1. Install new drive
  2. Upgrade firmware to BBGA
  3. Install the lightscribe host software located here
  4. Enjoy your new drive…


I bought this media for it, I hope it aint too bad. I bought it for back up of my lots of samples and software not for dvd back up…yet.


FYI Nero is out…


Jeez you dont have to upgrade the firmware right away!
If it burns fine you dont ever have to change it until you need to.
Why does everyone who buys a burner here think that its like activating their copy of windows when they install the damn thing? Its not 100% necessary unless there is a problem.


Probably RITEK R04, I have had good resulst with RITEK R02 & RITEK R03.


Better write strategies, new media support, etc. I see your burners are quite up to date, :bigsmile:


Avoid Ritek for quality 16X burns.


I just tried the Ritek 16x and here is my scan using the driver with stock firmware:
Is it bad, good, normal? I really dont know what makes a good scan and what not…


You must do a quality scan with Nero CDspeed at 8x speed.

Look at this thread how to do a scan:


When I got my HP 1625 I installed the software that came with it and it had a pop up screen that asked me if I wanted to update the firmware. Can’t be any more simple than that.


Where do you get this firmware? The US site doesn’t even have the drive listed in firmware…?