Reccomendations on a new dvd player with HDMI? help

Ok im getting a new 46" samsung flat panel lcd with dual hdmi inputs and definitaly wanna see this tv at its best with dvd’s so i was wondering if anyone can help me out here.

Im looking for a dvd player with HDMI output that gives the user the option to either upscale from the dvd player or not upscale if i dont want to. The reason being is because this tv should have a good upscaler considering it was 4000 dollars and i might not even want the dvd player to upconvert for me as the tv would do it better.
and another thing i need with this dvd player is the ability to play dvd-r’s and dv-rw’s very well

Now with those specs said, can anybody suggest what is the best dvd player that gives the best PQ with those specs i stated?

Someone in another thread mentioned the panasonic s77 or s79. anybody have experience with these?

I suggest you start off by reading Seán’s review of the NeoDigits HVD2085 High Definition upscaling DVD Player at the top of the forum page. That’ll probably surpass your specifications.

hmm i see how much is it?

and thats not aknown brand for dvd players is it?

EDIT: oh thats a hd dvd playr. probaly wayyy to expensive for me

I’m wondering if you read the review? It will indeed upscale your standard DVDs, probably better than the on-board electronics of the plasma screen you bought.

If you look around it’s about 199 USD - not too bad a companion for a 4000-dollar display…

a hd dvd player that is 200 usd. are you sure?

EDIT: it doesnt support dvd-r’s :

Well, try here…

However I think you’re misinterpreting the specifications. It’s not a native HD DVD player (ie BluRay, HD-DVD), but will upscale your standard DVDs to HD quality.

EDIT: I tell you what - why don’t you go read Seans’s review and see whether your last EDIT statement is still worth making.

it got some bad reviews :confused:

Yes, of course. If you believe six lines of text each from a couple of dissatisfied users constitutes an adequate review sample size.

Good luck in finding your player… :slight_smile:

hm u ever here of the panasonic s97?