Reccomendation please - internal BluRay player for my laptop

I’ve decided to replace my LG HL-DT-ST_BDDVDRW_CT21N optical drive, as it struggles to read at least half the (non-BluRay) discs I try in it - and I have an old external DVD burner which reads them faultlessly!

Can somebody please recommend a well-made, robust internal drive that has a good reputation. Understandably, a cheap LG drive may not be my first choice!

I’m happy to spend up to £100.


If two different drives show the same problems in reading the same discs, my guess is that the problem is in the disc and not the burner.

Do you have problems with burned or pressed discs (or both)?

If these problematic discs are burned media, I suggest to recover all data and burn again on another disc ASAP.

Bear in mind that slim drives are a lot more costly than regular drives, so if you are searching for a cheap solution, an external drive is the best choice.

Maybe you can try to clean optical pickup: slim drives can collect very easily dust.