Reccomend me some software that is good for converting & burning video files to AVI?



Hi Folks!
I’m now the proud owner of a nice silver
“LG GSA4163 16X DVD Dual Layer R/RW/RAM Internal, IDE, Silver - (OEM)”
for those of you who know what that is (its the silver LG ‘superdrive’ one)

Basically, I’m having a few problems getting it to do what I want it to do.

I got the drive because part of what I do (I work with indepent filmakers) nessessitates people sending me video files, and me having to take them to show in meetings. In the past, I’d transfer them onto my laptop, and then show that. But 10 people trying to watch a movie on a little laptop screen with crappy sound isnt too good, and its not good irritating people you’re trying to present to. The answer? Put them on DVD! How professional lookin’! Great! I can sit there with a remote and control the action and look like the man with the plan… sweet.

Now, I installed the drive and all ok, and got it working, I burned myself a test dvd onto one of my “Bulkpaq Generation 4 RW dvd+r” discs using the supplied ‘powerproducer gold’ and it worked fine. I made a little jpeg in photoshop, and it let me use that as a background for the menu, neat, basically all was good. It worked in my dvd player downstairs. I was happy.

However, I’ve just been trying to burn some stuff, and its telling me the disc type is not supported. huh? Nothing has changed… apart from possibly the file type I’m trying to put onto the dvd. I’ll have to check into that. Anyway, basically it wont work for me now, why not! Help! I dont understand all the DVD lingo so if someone can help me, all the better if they can help me in very simple language lol!

If someone can reccomend some software that is good for converting and burning video files onto AVI, that’d be great. I would really really like it to be freeware, we have s*t all money at the moment to try and get this thing started with and I cant afford to spend $50 on some software…
Even if the software is complicated so I have to learn some stuff to use it, that fine. But expensivo softwareo is a no no.

Thanks for reading thus far guys and girls, I’ve been looking through the forums but there is lots of tech speak I dont understand so I decided to just come right out and say ‘I need help!’ and hope someone throws me a lifeline. From reading the other posts tho, you guys know your stuff!! So I think I came to the right place!

bye for now!


I’ve just been trying to burn some stuff, and its telling me the disc type is not supported…
what stuff ? file extension is helpful

it seems not all files you receive will be dvd compliant mpeg2 video files. they NEED to be if you want to make DVDs of them.

i suggest NeroVision Express. Run it/make DVD-Video, add your files, make a menu. burn it. done.



So how do I know if a film is MPEG2? And if its not, how do I convert it so It can be put on DVD?


use Gspot or avicodec (both free) to get file info.


nerovision express will convert it automatically