Reccomeded Cheap Dual Layer Media?

I am currently looking for some decent dual layer media and have looked around the site and such and see verbatims seem to be the best however pricing them up for disc quanity + price and it was somewhat steep (from what i’ve seen).

From what i’ve seen/heard verbs give the best burn quality however for the amount which i’d end up paying it doesn’t seem worth it so I am looking at alternatives and I am wondering if there are any other brands which people may reccomend which provide a better quanity/price ratio. I’m not too bothered if I end up with a couple of bad burns if I have a larger quantity of media.

I currently have samsung sh-203B and a 203D burners and I will be burning data projects which is difficult to span over dvdr’s so i’m basically looking any reccomendations from anyone for some decent media which isnt too steep in price and provides a good quanity, also if there are any retailers people reccomend for media (preferably in the UK).


well what you gotta ask yourself is ‘how important the data is to you’ :wink:

cause using anything but Verbatim DVD+R DL (preferably made in singapore) is probably asking for trouble.

it’s just safer and cheaper to use single layer media like TY DVD+R 8x cert or Verbatim DVD+R 16x cert (the MCC 004) and probably burn @ 8x… i know you will have more discs this way but it’s probably overall better that way cause it’s cheaper and your data is probably alot safer.

i know that dont answer your question but it’s probably best advice i can give you cause the general word around here as far as dual layer media is concerned is on average it’s not nearly as reliable as single layer media.

Removing the “cheap” from the question and adding [B]reliable[/B] to it leaves only two brands:
Verbatim and TY (TY only DVD-R DL).

Although I’ll probably get slated for suggesting this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had good luck with Memorex 8x DL’s with a Ritek S04 MID. Don’t get the 2.4x ones though as they are rubbish. I did pick these up in the USA, so ones available in the UK may be different.

As for how long they will last, that’s anyone’s guess. But they are fine for me as a short term backup.