How to recalibrate my dvd-rw drive?

I have sony d22a crossflashed by lite-on 1653S, and it reads and writes only DVD discs, but ordinary CD’s it won’t recognize. It worked fine about 6 months, and now it can’t read and write CD-Rs!

Can anyone help me?



There are many threads about this subject. I’ve searched the last 10 pages and found these ones for you:

Unfortunatelly there is still no real solution (yet?). Did the problem on your machine occur after crossflashing, after the lead-out bug or all of a sudden? Most members report it happens after a neverending lead-out. Let us know…

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it happend after a neverending lead-out… It came on 100 percent, and the only solution was to restart the machine.

Was afraid of that. When you read the threads, you will draw the conclusion that you have to RMA your drive. To my knowledge there is still nobody who succeeded in saving his drive. One thing I’d like to know: Did it happen with Nero, and if yes, what version? There is a possibility that this problem is related to Nero 6.6.x.x., and I hope to avoid it with my 1633 to stick to

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Thanks for the info. One more reason to stick to the “old” version. Good luck with getting your drive replaced…

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Thanx :slight_smile: I will replace my drive tomorrow…

I would suggest to try EAC (Exact Audio Copy) on the drive, and have it test the drives parameters.

It does some quite low level stuff there which might reset the drives parameters maybe.