Recalibrating SDW-431S


my problem is, that I’ve tried to modify the firmware of my SDW-431S(internal) with omnipatcher to gain a higher burning speed on some Verbatim DVDs. I succeded so far, but after the flashing the problem showed up, that the drive wouldn’t read any more CDs although it reads DVDs without a problem. After some googling and reading in this forum, I’ve ended up thinking that I have overflashed my calibration data in the EEPROM.
Now, to pull myself out of the sh*t I am searching for a tool to recalibrate the drive (if there is or ever could be such a programm).
Another chance could be to try other EEPROMS in hope to find one which allows my drive to read CDs again.
The last and hardest way would properbly be to ask for some support from Acer (it’s an Acer notebook 1501LMi).
I hope someone could help me with the calibating programm or even some EEPROM data.


What is your current firmware?

If you used Lite-On or LtnFW flasher than eeprom wasn’t overwritten

BTW, the drive is originally calibrated at factory, nothing you can do by yourself.

The original Firmware was MCS3. Now I still have MCS3 but with a little change for one write strategie. I used LTNFW 1.0.0 to extract and flash the firmware and Omnipatcher for the manipulation.
The Problem is, that it doesn’t read any CDs at all. He had some problems in the past with some blanc CDs ( it took for or five tries for him to take them) but now he doesn’t read any CDs at all.
Could it be a hardware fault?
I have even tried to reflash to the old hardware or to “update the boot code” but it didn’t get any better. I have even tried the 431S(X) Firmware MS0K for the external version but no chance at all. It just klicks when I put in a cd no matter which one.

As pinto2 already pointed out, LTNFW can not write to the eeprom and Omnipatcher does not change cd writing. Also using the original firmware reverts the changes.
If you have not taken any other action to change your eeprom, it should still be fine. There is no reason at all to take an eeprom from a different drive.
When have you used your drive the last time successfully with CDs ? Did you try to clean the lense ?

First of all, thanks for the fast reply.

After i flashed it with LTNFW and the cds didn’t work, i’ve extracted the EEPROM with EEPROM utility. Then i rewrote it. Thats all i did with it.
I think it is about a week ago, that the writer worked nearly fine (nearly because there were reasons for me to mess with the firmware slow burn speed and poor quality). I tried to clean the lens with a cotton bud but not with chemicals such as for spectacle cleaning or a cleaning cd. but i will try this tomorrow.
The point which is making me so fussy, is that he can read dvd, but makes no attempt to read a cd. he doesn’t use different heads or lenses for this, does he?
Just to get sure, i’m using nero with ASPI drivers. DMA is turned on.
System is Win XP SP2

No, but different lasers because of the different wavelengths used for CD and DVD. To rule out windows, you could try to boot from a cd.

Now i have cleaned the drive as god as i could, but it didn’t get any better.
The Acer support said that it could be a hardware problem.
I’ve searched several forums and there are some people who have the same or a similar problem.
Maybe i should buy a new drive something like the pioneer dvr k05.
Thanks for the help so far. I will try to clean it with compressed air next weekend.
If someone has some new idea, i’ll be happy to try it.