Rec problem with new 1673 Error L-EC Uncorectabble

Helow,today i buy 1673S ,imeadly i flash to JS05.
i Rec 5 cd,s with this problem:
on prodisc f01 at 8x.what is the problem?

Hmm I’ve seen some ok results on these discs with the 1673S & fw JS05.
Possible faulty discs or do they work well in your other drives?
Let’s also see a Kprobe scan on that disc.

I dont have a problems with prodiscf01 on other drives.Why action line-in is too long ,about 1,30 -1,45 min. for Lite-On.

Kprobe results:

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean by this.

Maybe Ypko says that OPC and lead-in time of LITEON drive is longer than other drives.

…I think ProdiscF01 is not a good choice for LITEON drive. The best drive for ProdiscF01 is DW1620 (except B7U9).

Liteon does more at the beginning of the burn then at the end. Compared to the benq it starts later but spend much less time at the end but the overall burn time (at 16x) is about the same (around the 6 minute mark).

With respect, I don’t think the ProdiscF01 should burn that badly at 8x, in a 1673S and if that is the lead in time, it sounds too long as well. Might be a faulty drive :sad: but it would pay to try some other media just in case…

Problem is in prodiscf01. With optodisk i burn perfekt disc.But i work with prodisc I send back end change this burner.Thank you