Rebuilt PC, now bad 451@832 DVD burns

My old PC gave up the ghost. The PSU gave out taking a few components with it. It appears though that my Lite-On burner survived. It’s a Lite-On 451S, but I’m using the SOHW-832S firmware, which is what I did in the past.

Upon rebuilding the new PC (new m/b, proc, video, memory, and PSU) the DVD burner needed to have the firmware upgraded, as it appeared to be set back to a 451S. So I upgraded the firmware and that was successful.

Since then I’ve burned 4 DVD’s using the same media cake from before. In the past my burns were great. Kprobe would result in PI’s < 10-20 and PIF’s < 3-5. Since then I’ll have a decent slope approaching 500 for PI’s and PIF’s spiking at 40 to 60.

What would cause this? Is the burner basically “new” and needs to burn a few DVDs to get back in the groove, or did something happen to the burner when the old PC’s PSU go? Any way to test?


Think you posted this in the wrong forum mate this is for LiteON Recorder set top boxes. for Televisions