Rebuiler "Buffer overflow error"

I am sorry I have been posting all of my problems, but do have a lot of them.
Last one, I am trying to encode with Rebuilder and CCE and during the last phase - “rebuilding” I get an error “Buffer overflow” and program terminates…

Anybody familiar with that error?

Your not alone with that error. Are you using the latest build of ReBuilder, ver 0.52 ? Remember ReBuilder is still Beta software and doesnt work on all DVD’s at the moment.

I am using 0.51b. I will try 0.52.
BTW, CM, I was just trying to use DVD2SVCD based on your guide, and it worked fine, but I want to keep the menues. Can I do it in DVDSVCD or should I use dvd rebuilder?


DVD2SVCD re-encodes the main movie only. If you want the menus, just extract them manually from the VTS_0x_0.VOB file. I have use MPEG2Cut to literally cut them out or have used DVD2AVI to select the menu you want, save project and re-encode them with TMPGEnc, All that takes under 5 min of your time. Then author these menus & encoded files from D2S with DVDLab or Maestro. I have done this MANY times, particularly with Audio & TV Episode dvd’s where they have nice animated menus.

for some reason I ended up with 1.3GB dvd (my pulldown_video file was 1.2)

Either the files your working with are not complete or you have set DVD2SVCD up wrong, check with the Tutorial again. If its a normal 90min movie and your settings are right then a 1.2gig output is just not possible. Your Pulldown file should be EXACTLY the same length as the non-pulldown file.