Rebuilding TOC to Get Around A Protection That Jumbles The TOC



I forget where I saw it. It may not be in Alcohol.

Is there a program that will let me rebuild a TOC where the protection is that the TOC is jumbled to prevent acurate reading of the disc durring the copy process?



I don’t really understand what you mean, but any program like CloneCD, Alcohol and BlindWrite can copy CD’s with an illegall TOC.


Indeed, not only can any specialist duplicating program cope with an illegal toc but even nero can do so. Just check the Ignore illegal toc option and hit the copy cd button. :slight_smile:


Nero must have been where I saw it.

I’ve used CCD and Alcohol on bad TOC discs with no success on the one I couldn’t fix.

I used EAC to find a strange TOC and tried to fix it but didn’t really know what I was doing.

That TOC had two time locations per song.

Eliminating one set of start locations or alternating different ones didn’t make any one song play.

I foget the disc at the moment. It may have been Velvet Revolver.