Rebuilder Problems



Hey guys.

I just started having problems with Rebuilder/CCE sp. Allworked well until a few days ago while i was trying to crunch my girlfriends sex and the city DVD’s. Two worked fine and burned with no problem. But now Rebuilder locks up everytime, alwats when encoding and always at 66% of that vts,not 66% of the overall process. Kinda weird, tried 3 different disk, even one that worked before, nada, stuck at 66%, When i abort it it tries to star the other vts but the main Rebuilder screen which is in the backgroud says “not responding”

Whats going on???


you’re not providing enought information (like versions of rebuilder, cce, dgdecode, avisynth and if you’re backing up from a mounter iso image or a rip in file mode)


do you have enought room for rebuider to run? i got same problem before…now i always left about 20 gb free space on my hdd to perform the job.