Rebuild MDS file?

Is it possible to rebuild a MDS file if i still have a MDF file ?

Anyone know the format of a MDS file ?


Just re-image your CD. If I remember corectly it does the MDS before the MDF file so you can just quit the program after it has been completed.

If the MDS file contained topology information or more than 1 track, the only thing you can do is, as Womble said, make anothre image of the CD. If not, it is not necessary and you can use the MDF file alone with alcohol (mount it on a virtual drive, burn it…)

Topology Info = Only SecuROM data ?
(What about if it’s a Safedisc 3.x with weak sectors, bad sectors, etc…)

That sort of info will be contained within the image file.

In the newest alcohol, weak/bad sectors are contained in the mds as well.

So is it there for extra redundancy ? Which one has priority then ?

By example :
Could i just use the mdf without the original mds from a safedisc 3.x image dump ? (If it’s only one track CD…)


You’ll get topology info in a couple of protections like ProtectCD - VOB 5, SecuROM, CD Cops etc.

Bad sector info is in mds to help with larger blocks of sectors. If a sector is bad in the mdf, it will still show up as bad regardless of bad sectors in mds. I’m not sure about the other way.