Rebranded Liteon 24x list?

Did some research on the Liteon 24x CD-RW and found that several companies seem to be using the LiteOn drive with their name slapped on top. I thought that it would be useful to start a list of known and suspected models that are actually a LiteOn 24x-10x-40x.

One give-away seems to be if they use the term ‘Smart-Burn’ on their packaging. It’s a LiteOn trademark so if it’s on the box, it ‘should’ be a Liteon.

Saw a review on the CenDyne 24x CD-RW and it showed a picture of the sticker on the top of the drive that clearly showed it to be a LiteOn 24x. They also use the term ‘Smart-Burn’.

Pacific Digital 24x and Universal Buslink 24x - I found pictures of the boxes that show ‘Smart-Burn’ on the package. I suspect both of these are LiteOn.

Note that I’ve only been looking at the 24x burners as they are the ones that will do SD2 with CloneCD and work in any player. Also, other speed burners from these companies may well be from other manufacturers. AND they may even switch manufactuers in a single model! So, I recommend if you buy one of these, do it from a local shop with a good return policy!

Anybody have any knowledge to add to this?

I read Somewhere that Dell was Considering using Liteon on all there Systems. Not sure if it is also laptops too, But considering that they make Reliable Systems it would be a Plus for them and Liteon.
I just hope they fix up some Audio Problems in Future Flash Upgrades that my new LTR-24102B Seams to have .eg not reading some Audio CD’s. Mine is a September 2001 Built.I installed the Latest Flash From Liteon.:eek:

Rebadged drives are fine,because most of the time they are cheaper then the original brand…
Only 1 minus:If there’s a firmware update for the original drive,most of time it doesn’t work for the rebadged,because they add some modifications to the firmware and use their own name for it,and firmware updates for such drives are rare…

I had figured that if the drive was physically a LiteOn that it would take a LiteOn firmware update. I did notice that most of these ‘Rebranders’ websites have no firmware updates. (CenDyne actually does have one update available.)

If these Rebrands can’t take a LiteOn Firmware, then that really puts me off from buying one. ;(

Some of them do,some of them don’t…it’s a wildcard m8…

I see, thanks.

FYI - I’ve seen some second hand info that both the Cendyne and Universal Buslink 24x can be flashed with the LiteOn firmware. (In case that helps anybody.)

I have a lite-on 24x that was sold under the Pacific Digital brand. I upgraded the firmware from the Lite-on site with no problems.

Memorex twentyfourMAXX is also a rebagged lite-on

Originally posted by Ronzilla
I have a lite-on 24x that was sold under the Pacific Digital brand. I upgraded the firmware from the Lite-on site with no problems.

I wiched other big brands followed that example,because I never seen so much posts about rebranded drives that could upgrade with the original brand’s firmware as I’ve seen here…

yo i also heard that the TDK VeloCD has also switched to lite-on which is on sale for 60 bux after rebates at circuit city.

I picked up a Universal Buslink RW2440 this weekend. It is indeed a rebranded Liteon. Buslink just stuck their sticker over the top of the LiteOn sticker. Windoze, CloneCD and Nero all identify it as the LiteOn. Manufactured in Dec 01 and it shipped with the latest LiteOn firmware. Just burned a backup of Max Payne (SD2) and it plays fine in my DVD drive.


Using a LiteOn firmware update on a not LiteOn drive (like the mentioned “Memorex TwentyFour maxx” will void your warranty on the drive!! Also using a OEM firmware on a LiteOn drive will do the same.

Most updates should not work anyway.

Enjoy your LiteOn drive!


:frowning: I’d got a problem with my Traxdata 241040 so I hoped to solve it flashing the firmware. But the new 5S54 doesn’t work. It tells me that it couldn’t find a LTR 24102B.
I thought the Traxdata 241040 would be a LiteOn-OEM, isn’t it. If it is not, can someone tell me where I can find a new firmware for the Traxdate drive.


in general if the drive is recognized in device manager as a liteon then you use the liteon firmware. it the rebadger went to the trouble to have it list their name instead then you will probably have to use firmware updates from them.

Pacific Digital 24x are make by Lite-on and Mitiusmi.The TDk 24X are Lite-ons (this is what I own).The CenDyne 24x mfgs are Lite-on, AOpen and TEAC.I have also heard that the Digital Research 24x is a Lite-on.The Hi-Val 24X are Lite-on or AOpen drives.The key to look for is the word Smart-Burn on the box or on the drive, if it’s there 99% of the time it’s a Lite-on mfg drive.
Anyone has any more to add to the list?

i know a few people who have bought the buslink from best buy and it showed up as a liteon 24102b in the device manager. they flashed them to the latest liteon firmware with no problem.

When I bought my drive it was a Creative 1210 which I flashed to a liteon 12101b (and much happier it was for it:)), but be careful because apparantly they origionally used a Plextor 12x10x32 to get really good reviews and then switched to the litey because they where half the price (or so the roumours say…).
So the moral of this story is find every bit of info you can about your drive before you flash it, as the re-seller could switch brands and you could fry your drive with the wrong firmware:(.

BTW - I think the liteon drive is just as good as the plex (if not better) they just used some very early firmware in it.

Good work, I was thinking about starting a thread on this after I get my drive working :frowning:

I just got a Cendyne rebadged Verbatim rebadged LiteOn. Box is Cendyne, Verbatim bios, Verbatim label over LiteOn label. Was hoping for a Aopen. With Cendyne, you can almost always tell which manufacturer from the serial number: LiteOn - 8 numbers? Aopen - 16 numbers? Acer 99B77…(16 char) Verbatim (LiteOn) - 12 numbers. The first 2, i read from another post. The last 2 I personally encountered. Yes Acer is the 4th (Feb 02).

I’m unable to flash a newer bios from Cendyne or LiteOn. Anyone knows of a hack? Damn abit-liteon compatibility problem, still can’t get it to read any disc. Worked once but can’t repeat it. SO if you have an abit board, try HARD to avoid a liteon.


…or get a better mainboard :wink:

You may flash all rebagged 24X lite-on’s to a real lite-on 24X with a DOS firmware. but this woids your warranty, so I won’t recommend it…if your drive fails, you are lost without warranty…

in my case. Only the box said Buslink, the drive itself was liteon by badge, sticker, and identification by every burn program I own.
LTR-24102b is stamped right on the drive. Used the latest firmware upgrade at liteon site, worked great…well almost… I still have a problem with 1st burns but that was even before the updated firmware so with that said I updated with no problem.