Reboots 1633s When Set To Master Dr

Hey Guys:

I just installed a 1633s when I set the drive to master on second IDE it reboots computer before windows load.

Now when I changed the 1633s to Slave and my Liteon CD-RW as Master it works just fine.

Disconnected 1633s and check CD-RW as master with no other drives and its fine.

Then switched to only the 1633s drive set as master and the samething[reboots before windows loads]

Currently running with CD-RW as Master on IDE 2 and 1633s as Slave on IDE 2.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?

I did do some searching on this and read that some said uninstalling IDE 2 would fix this.

Any help ideas or suggestions appreciated.

1633s Stock Firmware
Liteon 52x CD-RW


That does seem odd…but really didn’t get a clear understanding…but i do assume you verified the ‘pins’ on the Lite-On for the correct settings…'Master" and ‘Slave’…also i can’t remember the post…but seems someone has a similar problem with two ‘brands’ of drives not working right on the same IDE Channel…you might also want to check your bio’s setting for the boot process…see if it shows up detected correct on the “boot settings”

Hey jroc:

I have the pin settings correct .

It does seem wierd that I cant use the 1633s as Master Drive but works fine as Slave drive.
Any idea if drive will burn slower as the Slave drive or work any different then if it was the Master on that channel?


Your problem is the NVidia IDE drivers. Change them to the stock MicroSoft IDE drivers and then see if the 1633 will work as master.

Hey jake8131:

I had to check to make sure but Device manager lists drivers for both IDE controllers as Microsoft Signed drivers.