Rebooting Win XP Problems


I recently installed Win XP Home onto my PC after formatting the hard drive. Everything worked great and then I decided to visit the Win XP Update Site. I downloaded and installed all the recommended updates, the last one being Win XP SP 1. Then the problems stared. Evertime I switched on the PC it would get as far as the first Win XP logo and then reboot itself. It then asked if any software or hardware changes were made and did I want to reboot to the last known good configuration, which I did. Everything had worked fine up until I Installed the Win XP SP 1, so I removed it, following the recommended way of doing so. Now I occassionally get a blue screen with “unmountable boot volume” as the main error. If anybody can help I would be grateful, otherwise I’ll have to get a big hammer to fix it!


Set your bios so that you can boot from the XP CD. when the screen comes up asking you what you want to do hit R to get in the recovery console.

Once there type in chkdsk /p make sure there’s a space between the k & the / hit enter. when thats done type in fixboot and hit enter , select Y at the prompt and when thats done type exit & hit enter…you should be all fixed :smiley:

Make sure you remove the CD & set things back to the way they were.

Thanks, I’ll try that tonight when I get in from work!

Thanks Rag, that seems to have worked. If it happens again though, what could be causing it?

Glad your ok :slight_smile:

As far as causes go…hmm could be a few , improper shutdown comes to mind the most , drivers & software that writes it’s self incorrectly could be others ??

Just make sure you shut down proper , reboot after each software install (don’t install multiples at once) and keep your HD defraged and you should be just fine…

If not check back then we’ll rack the brain…until then be…:cool: